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We Are God’s Sheep

December 29, 2019

We Are in Christ

December 15, 2019

We Are Alive in Christ

December 8, 2019
Do you treat those who do not know Christ offensively and defensively? What is the purpose of our suffering?

We Are Chosen

November 24, 2019
How can we live Christian-ly in a world that is full of death, destruction and hardship? How do we live as Christians in a world that opposes Christian living?

We Are A Strange People

November 17, 2019
Why should we live a Christian life? Why should our conduct reflect our confession?

We Are Here For A Time

November 10, 2019
What is the past, present and future work of salvation?

We Are God’s Work

November 3, 2019
Are you a wanderer or a pilgrim? What is the intended end?