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Why did Moses pick these specific laws? How would the people of Israel recognize their Savior? What is the difference between a kingdom of priests and a kingdom with priests?
What is THE commandment that Moses asked the people to observe? Why is it so important to observe that commandment?
Why should we obey God? What are the benefits of trusting and believing in God?
Listen, learn and live!
What does God do with our disobedience? Is there any chance for those who are not perfect?
Do we trust God to keep His promises? Would you receive His blessing or reject it?

We Are God’s Sheep

December 29, 2019

We Are in Christ

December 15, 2019

We Are Alive in Christ

December 8, 2019
Do you treat those who do not know Christ offensively and defensively? What is the purpose of our suffering?

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