How to Be a Part of the Waffle Theology Online Community

I. Join and participate in our Waffle Theology Life Group on Sundays

We meet every Sunday, 11:30 AM at the Rehearsal Room at Richland Creek Community Church, 3229 Burlington Mills Road, Wake Forest, 27587.


II. Register Online


Register with REALM, the church’s management software, so that you will have an online account. This account enables you to view your personal information and donation online. It also allows you to receive group emails from the church or the life group.



RCID LogoAfter registering with REALM, your name and email will be used to create an RCID account. You will be notified when your RCID is ready. RCID, used for authentication purposes, enables you to sign on to different web applications deployed by the Waffle Theology Life Group.


What is the difference between REALM and RCID?

REALM and RCID are related but are two different directory systems:

  • REALM enables users to access their personal data and financial information, and receive group emails from the church. However, it does not support user authentication to applications outside of the REALM environment.
  • RCID enables users to sign on to different applications created, developed and deployed by the Waffle Theology Life Group. Login credentials are encrypted and stored securely in one location while providing user access to a myriad of specialized applications, including third-party applications.