A group of people talking and enjoying each other's companyBible study is not simply listening to a lecture, it is also acting on the message of the Bible. We believe God wants us to enjoy a sense of authentic Christian community as a way to deepen our faith. We do that through hanging out together in both organized and organic groups. People go to lunch together. People hang out over coffee. People meet regularly in groups to encourage each other. But we also organize events that give us a chance to connect and build relationships. Everyone is always welcome at our events as well as our class each Sunday. Check out the events page for more information about what’s happening outside of Sunday morning.


Instructions on how to participate in Bible-based discussions and to ask questions.


Upcoming life group events.

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How to be a part of the Waffle Theology Online Community.

Sunday Life Group Snacks and Foodies

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Coordinated meals for those who are going through a life change.