A shepherd and his sheep

The three letters—1 and 2 Timothy and Titus—are different than most of Paul’s other writings, in at least two ways.

First, these letters are written to individuals, while most of Paul’s other letters are written to churches. This means that they are more personal in tone, being written from a faithful father to two of his spiritual sons—Timothy and Titus.

Second, the letters are very focused on these men’s roles leading the churches in their respective areas. As such, they contain a high concentration of helpful material for us as we consider how and why we “do church” as God’s people. That is why these three letters are collectively known as the Pastoral Epistles—they have a shepherding character in their shape and focus.

DateScriptureTeaching by Dr. Steve McKinionNotes/DiagramsDiscussion Forum
Jun 2, 20191 Timothy 1:1-20Audio (43:09)
Jun 9, 20191 Timothy 2:1-15Audio (49:57)
Jun 16, 20191 Timothy 3:1-16
Audio (48:42)Our Walk with Christ (x+1)
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Jun 23, 20191 Timothy 4:1-16
Audio (48:12)PDF (79 KB)
Jun 30, 20191 Timothy 5:1-25Audio (40:46) by Bryan King
Jul 7, 20191 Timothy 6:1-21
Audio (44:00)PDF (pdf, 79 KB)1 Timothy 6:6-19 – Contentment
Jul 14, 20192 Timothy 1:1-18Audio (40:26)PDF (64 KB)
Jul 21, 20192 Timothy 2:1-13Audio (52:19)PDF (677 KB)
Jul 28, 20192 Timothy 2:14-26
Audio (51:01) by Pastor Eric GarnerPDF (158 KB)
Aug 4, 20192 Timothy 3:1-4:22
Audio (51:20)PDF (58 KB)
Aug 11, 2019Titus 1:1-16
Audio (38:48)PDF (211 KB)
Aug18, 2019Titus 2:1-15Audio (34:37)
Aug 25, 2019Titus 3:1-15Audio (36:31)