Group photo of the Waffle Theology Life GroupWe are a multi-generational Bible study that meets at Richland Creek Community Church on Sunday mornings at 11:30. Most of us don’t have everything together yet. We have singles, married couples, couples that are dating. We have families with children and those without. We are in different stages of life, but also in different stages of our Christian lives. Some people have been Christians for decades. Others are not Christians, but want to learn what it means. Our one common trait: we want to study the Bible together.

Some of us are completely new to church. Others have attended church but not been in a Bible study (or what we call Life Group at Richland Creek). We have people who clean up nicely and those who might feel out of place in some “churchy” settings. And we are all happy to study together.

Our teacher is Steve McKinion. He is a professor at Southeastern Seminary, but don’t let that fool you. He explains the Bible clearly and simply for everyone to understand. He did a PhD at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and has written a number of books, but has the unique ability to make even the most complex topics simple and relevant. He is as comfortable in an auditorium of a thousand scholars as he is on the softball field coaching his daughter. He and his wife Ginger have three children. Their oldest son recently graduated from college and is beginning law school. Their daughter is entering her senior year in college. Their youngest son is a junior in high school. They are active in the childhood cancer community, having traveled that path with their youngest son, who is a three-time cancer survivor.


Committed to helping people learn to enjoy their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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