What is Waffle Theology?

Pancakes are easy to eat. You pour syrup in the middle of the stack and it runs over everything. You don’t need to work to put syrup on pancakes.

Waffles are different. To eat a waffle you have to take the time to make sure syrup gets into every waffle square. If you just pour the syrup in the middle you end up with a soggy mess of breakfast.

The world is a waffle. The Gospel is syrup. Each context of our lives—our home, our job, our friendships, our hobbies—is a waffle square. We want to find a way to make sure everyone in each of our individual contexts—our waffle squares—hears the Good News of Jesus Christ. For that to happen, we cannot simply “pour out” the Gospel at church, we have to work to take the Gospel into those contexts.

This means we schedule our lives to make room for interactions with people in those contexts. If we just meet together all the time as Christians at church, there is no chance we will see people who don’t know Christ discover the wonderful message of His love for them and His work to reconcile them to Himself.

We gather each Sunday to learn the Bible, to learn how the Gospel affects our lives, and to learn how to share the Gospel better with people in the “waffle squares” we live in during the week.

Waffle theology is the message that Jesus is for everyone, and they will discover Him when we are intentional about introducing them to His Good News.


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